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Additional Services Offered for Smoky Fox Yurts


Guests of the Smoky Fox Yurts may hire guide services, porter, tow, shuttle, and food services for an extra fee. An overview for each of these services is provided below.



A guide is required for first time users of the yurts. The guide will meet guests the morning of their arrival and lead guests into the yurts. After arriving, the guide will educate the group about the yurt’s equipment and functions. They may also teach the group about ski terrain and current conditions and recommend terrain best suited to the group’s interests.

Guides are not expected to carry gear nor take guests out skiing, other than direct access to the yurts. You may inquire about Ski Guides and Porters who can provide these services for your trip.



Guide are $250/day


Porter Services

Porter services are useful if you tend to bring in more weight than you prefer to carry. Want to bring some extra beers, food, games, or toys along? A porter can carry around 50 pounds to the yurts. Porters are not guides and are hired only to carry your gear.




If you would like to combine a Guide and Porter service, you may do so at a discounted price of $300.

Snowmobile Cargo and Tow Services

If you would rather save your energy for exploration around the hut, consider hiring a cargo or tow service.


Snowmobile cargo services are available much of the route. Though it is necessary to carry your own gear the last two miles. The snowmobile can haul about 150 pounds in a sled.  


Skier tow services are available to get you and gear the first four miles of the ascent. This will save about 1.5 hours of climbing with heavy packs.



Snowmobile Tow Service is $25/person. Minimum charge of $200.


Snowmobile Cargo Service is $200 (aprox 150lbs) for one trip and $100 for a second trip


Guests may combine a Snowmobile and Guide or Porter, reducing the cost to $350.


Alternatively, a porter is a great way to go, and does not break down or get stuck like a snowmobile can.  The cost is $200. A porter can carry about 50 pounds of food/gear.


Shuttle Service

Shuttle services are available to shuttle guests to ski runs and mountain bike trails in a seven passenger shuttle vehicle. If your group is larger than seven we can make arrangements at an additional charge. Mountain bike shuttles have tire-on tray racks on roof and tailgate, that can accommodate eight secure and cradled bikes. Shuttle services include a pick-up/drop-off in the Wood River Valley (Bellevue-Ketchum). If you have other requests, please inquire.


Winter Shuttles


Galena Summit: $135

Redfish Sawtooth: $225



Galena Summit: $85

Redfish Sawtooth: $145

Summer Shuttles


One-way Coyote Shuttle: $175

Galena Summit: $135

Redfish Sawtooth: $225


Food Service and Catering

Food Service may be provided at an extra cost. All meals are prepared from organic ingredients sourced close to Sun Valley, ID whenever possible, and can be customized to accommodate dietary restrictions. We do request that all members enjoy the same dish to keep things simple and cost effective.

Multiple options are available and range from just one meal per day to three meals plus snacks and appetizers. Options range from one meal per day for $10-15/person per day to the whole shebang for $53/person per day, including breakfast, lunch, appetizers, soup, salad, dinner, dessert. Meals are mindfully prepared with organic, locally sourced ingredients as much as possible. Food allergies can be accommodated.