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 photo Nick Crouch - IMG_20161001_122656510_HDR_zpsbozw9xbb.jpgSarah and her husband Jason visited her father at his small off-the-grid adventure destination in Baja, Mexico. A frequent 10th Mtn Hut visitor, Jason was intrigued by a remote beach location in Mexico with a similar feel to these high elevation Rocky Mountain backcountry ski huts. The experience got him thinking how this hidden gem would be hugely popular with the ski hut enthusiasts in Colorado. But how to share this place? There was no online resource catering directly to the demographic that would enjoy these places most.

Sarah and Jason became more interested in off-the-grid travel and have visited many such places throughout the last several years. Whether it’s through a remote beach in Mexico, a high mountaintop in Colorado, or a hike-to restaurant hidden in a tiny cove on the Adriatic coast, we find beauty in the adventure and the disconnect.

We want to share these experiences with others through an idea we call FreeHouse. The word FreeHouse represents the feeling of freedom we get when we visit these places. FreeHouses are free of infrastructure, self-sufficient, off-the-grid, and remote. A vacation is all about freedom from your daily life. A FreeHouse is a place you can go to truly disconnect and find a genuine escape.